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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

" You have been disconnected from the server "

Get used to seeing the above sentence a lot, log-in servers are under huge stress at the moment so don't act suprised if it takes another hour or two before you can start enjoying your Cataclysm-goodness.

I haven't been able to log in since i've gotten home, but i sure as hell won't give up trying soon. Give me my flight license, damnit !

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's here !

 Blasted, It's been a while since i have written something. My bad, i know. I'm sorry guys, I just haven't had the time to write up on something worthwhile. Everything is really crazy at the moment. Both in Azeroth with the Shattering and in RL with.. well, with what RL-stuff usually does =P

I've been really busy trying to find a new job. In my spare time i have been exploring our New Old World with a Dwarf Shaman, he's called Stormbrew. I really love playing with him and i'm thinking of making a write up of his adventures so far.
Apart from that i've been working on our Guild site and trying to get some sort of  'Battle Plan' together amongst the officers, so we have something to work towards once we hit the lvl cap.

In a few hours i'll be going down to the local Game Mania with a few Guildies, i can't wait to pick up my copy ! All in all i'm really looking forward to leveling my Warlock again and going head to head with my friends against the unknown.

You can expect more posts once the dust of the Cataclysm settles.

Good fortunes to you all and have fun on launch night !


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blog Azeroth : Shared Topic : The Perfect Weapon

Blog Azeroth is a huge collection of WoW Blog Authors, their forums are a delight to read for every newbie blogger like myself. Each weak they feature a new shared topic on which bloggers can post their ideas. The best posts are selected and featured on the weekly Twisted Nether Blogcast. This will be my first try at a shared topic, let's have a look at this week's topic.

What would be the perfect weapon for your character(s) and why? Is it something already in game? Is there lore or a roleplay reason that you'd use this weapon? Would you wish for a completely new item to be implemented in the game just for you? What would it look like? Would it have special abilities? Is there a story behind how you got it? Does it have a fancy name like Frostmourne?

Great topic, i love legendaries -- and this is kind of "design your own legendary". Now, i won't go into stats, those are just meaningless numbers on an imaginary item, so i won't bother with them. Anywho, as you all probably now, my main character (Toendra) is a Warlock. I have always had a Warlock as my main, i've had plenty of alts, but never did i feel as enticed by a class as i am by my Warlock. In my opinion it's about time we get a Warlock specific legendary, but i'll leave that up to the dev's. So for this post i'll give you my Toendra specific Legendary.

Now, just killing a random mob and getting a lucky nrg-proq is not how i want to receive my Artifact of Immense Awesomeness. I would imagine it going a little something like this.

I would imagine my character being summoned to The Slaughtered Lamb by Gakin the Darkbinder and being rewarded for the countless dangers he has faced in Outland and Northrend for the good of Stormwind and the Alliance (and thus, indirectly, for the good of Gakin). He would be given an ancient Warlock artifact, kept in secret in the basements of the Slaughtered Lamb, even from King Wrynn.

Using the corpse of a Dreadlord, a particularly powerful Warlock forged a Scythe that not only granted a vast amount of power, but the wielder of this Scythe would be able to channel Fel energies without being corrupted by it's influence.

Imagine that, eh ? The power of a Warlock, in a sane mind. I bet mages everywhere would be crapping their pants if this ever got implemented!

Now, for the looks. I really like the look of the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune however, it would need a slight recoloring for its new purpose, add some felfire-green in there and we're good to go!
And a name offcourse ! Can't be a legendary without an awesome name. How about [The Fel Reaper]?

Well, that was my first contribution to Blog Azeroth's Shared Topic. Hope you enjoyed it and i'm looking next week's!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prepare for Oblivion !

MMO-Champion's confirmed it, other Blogs are buzzing like beehives on the subject. The chances that the Shattering will happen, today on US-realms and tomorrow on the EU-realms, are looking pretty good.

This is it fellow Warlock brethren ! Our hour is nigh ! As soon as the Aspect of Death wreaks havoc upon this world new content will begin gushing out, like tears out of a mage's eyes after a major nerf. I honestely can not wait.

I can't remember myself being this excited over any other patch, hell, i wasn't even this excited over the Wrath-launch! Then again, that was just another expansion with another new continent, this patch on the other hand will completely change what we know and love. Even tough it's only the 1-60 experience that's changing with this patch, this will give those of us who weren't in the beta ( which is officially closed now, by the way) a good impression of what to expect from the 80-85 content.

I live in Europe, so i'll have to wait an extra day before the Shattering takes place on our servers. But it's here ! Finally ! I promised myself i would wait for Cataclysm to roll out before i started leveling a new alt, so i could dive straight into the awesomeness that is the new Worgen content... But i'll probably be naming my Dwarf Shaman tommorrow around this time, regardless of that promise.

For those of you who haven't checked out this patch's new features, go over to MMO-Champion or Kungalkoosh. They both have a nice in-depth rundown of what to expect once you log in to a Shattered Azeroth.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Cataclysm Dev Chat with Bestbuy answers some interesting questions

Good morning Netherwebs !

Looks like we've got another Dev chat on our hands! I'll be posting my thoughts on some of the answers Blizzard gave that seemed particularly interesting to me. You can read the post with the entire Dev chat over at MMO-Champion. Lets dive right in to the good stuff !

Cataclysm - General
Q:What happened with the Worgen district in Stormwind?

Blizzard: We decided it didn't really fit very well, it was looking kind of awkwardly forced into the city. Plus deathwing would have destroyed it anwyays.
Toendra:  *pauses a second to mourn the loss of the Worgen district* I should have known...  There were no screenshots to be found anywhere of the Worgen's home in Stormwind. I guess this got replaced with the Howling Oak in Darnassus. Which is nice i guess. Dogs like trees right ? Nevertheless, i'm sad it was abandoned.