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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cataclysm introduces more shiny things

Greetings, fellow shiny-lovers. This is actually the second time that i am writing this blogpost, i had just finished it and when i tried to post it Blogger kind of freaked out on me and i lost it (both the post and my temper).
So here i am again, hopefully this time around it'll work out.

New Enchant Effects

I must admit it, i am a sucker for the 'shiny' look that Blizzard has made its own in the World of Warcraft. Ever since that first time back in Westfall where i spent 50 silver ( a week's worth of farming for me at that time !) on that beastslayer enchant for my staff, i was hooked. To me that red glow was the coolest thing in the world and i didn't even consider that it had a purpose apart from looking totally bad-ass.

From the grotesquely huge pauldrons shooting out beams of light, to the enchants that make your weapons simply ooze awesomeness, i want it all !

However, these enchants have been around for some time and simply making your weapon glow is só 2007. The masses demanded new shines, and new shinies is what they got.

Introducing the new Cataclysm Enchant Effects (thanks, MMO-Champion ^_^)

Some awesome effects, wouldn't you agree ?

Cataclysm Area Raid Markers

MMO-Champion also reported on new raid area markers being introduced to the beta. They were first added to the game in 4.0.1, and currently have the same visual effect as an engineer's flare .
And i can tell u, our raid leader loves them
In the Beta the graphic of the flare was changed to a column of light with a symbol bobbing up and down above the column. The color of the light matches that of the corresponding symbol (Cross = Red, Star = Yellow, Triangle = Green, etc)

Now, the big question is whether or not the current area mark symbols are placeholders. Seeing as they are identical to the ones that your raid leader uses to mark npc's or players, that could get tricky in a fight were a lot of players/npc's and areas need to get marked.

Here's a vid from The Yogscast where u can see the new raid markers in action during a Magmaw trash pull.


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