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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blog Azeroth : Shared Topic : The Perfect Weapon

Blog Azeroth is a huge collection of WoW Blog Authors, their forums are a delight to read for every newbie blogger like myself. Each weak they feature a new shared topic on which bloggers can post their ideas. The best posts are selected and featured on the weekly Twisted Nether Blogcast. This will be my first try at a shared topic, let's have a look at this week's topic.

What would be the perfect weapon for your character(s) and why? Is it something already in game? Is there lore or a roleplay reason that you'd use this weapon? Would you wish for a completely new item to be implemented in the game just for you? What would it look like? Would it have special abilities? Is there a story behind how you got it? Does it have a fancy name like Frostmourne?

Great topic, i love legendaries -- and this is kind of "design your own legendary". Now, i won't go into stats, those are just meaningless numbers on an imaginary item, so i won't bother with them. Anywho, as you all probably now, my main character (Toendra) is a Warlock. I have always had a Warlock as my main, i've had plenty of alts, but never did i feel as enticed by a class as i am by my Warlock. In my opinion it's about time we get a Warlock specific legendary, but i'll leave that up to the dev's. So for this post i'll give you my Toendra specific Legendary.

Now, just killing a random mob and getting a lucky nrg-proq is not how i want to receive my Artifact of Immense Awesomeness. I would imagine it going a little something like this.

I would imagine my character being summoned to The Slaughtered Lamb by Gakin the Darkbinder and being rewarded for the countless dangers he has faced in Outland and Northrend for the good of Stormwind and the Alliance (and thus, indirectly, for the good of Gakin). He would be given an ancient Warlock artifact, kept in secret in the basements of the Slaughtered Lamb, even from King Wrynn.

Using the corpse of a Dreadlord, a particularly powerful Warlock forged a Scythe that not only granted a vast amount of power, but the wielder of this Scythe would be able to channel Fel energies without being corrupted by it's influence.

Imagine that, eh ? The power of a Warlock, in a sane mind. I bet mages everywhere would be crapping their pants if this ever got implemented!

Now, for the looks. I really like the look of the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune however, it would need a slight recoloring for its new purpose, add some felfire-green in there and we're good to go!
And a name offcourse ! Can't be a legendary without an awesome name. How about [The Fel Reaper]?

Well, that was my first contribution to Blog Azeroth's Shared Topic. Hope you enjoyed it and i'm looking next week's!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prepare for Oblivion !

MMO-Champion's confirmed it, other Blogs are buzzing like beehives on the subject. The chances that the Shattering will happen, today on US-realms and tomorrow on the EU-realms, are looking pretty good.

This is it fellow Warlock brethren ! Our hour is nigh ! As soon as the Aspect of Death wreaks havoc upon this world new content will begin gushing out, like tears out of a mage's eyes after a major nerf. I honestely can not wait.

I can't remember myself being this excited over any other patch, hell, i wasn't even this excited over the Wrath-launch! Then again, that was just another expansion with another new continent, this patch on the other hand will completely change what we know and love. Even tough it's only the 1-60 experience that's changing with this patch, this will give those of us who weren't in the beta ( which is officially closed now, by the way) a good impression of what to expect from the 80-85 content.

I live in Europe, so i'll have to wait an extra day before the Shattering takes place on our servers. But it's here ! Finally ! I promised myself i would wait for Cataclysm to roll out before i started leveling a new alt, so i could dive straight into the awesomeness that is the new Worgen content... But i'll probably be naming my Dwarf Shaman tommorrow around this time, regardless of that promise.

For those of you who haven't checked out this patch's new features, go over to MMO-Champion or Kungalkoosh. They both have a nice in-depth rundown of what to expect once you log in to a Shattered Azeroth.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Cataclysm Dev Chat with Bestbuy answers some interesting questions

Good morning Netherwebs !

Looks like we've got another Dev chat on our hands! I'll be posting my thoughts on some of the answers Blizzard gave that seemed particularly interesting to me. You can read the post with the entire Dev chat over at MMO-Champion. Lets dive right in to the good stuff !

Cataclysm - General
Q:What happened with the Worgen district in Stormwind?

Blizzard: We decided it didn't really fit very well, it was looking kind of awkwardly forced into the city. Plus deathwing would have destroyed it anwyays.
Toendra:  *pauses a second to mourn the loss of the Worgen district* I should have known...  There were no screenshots to be found anywhere of the Worgen's home in Stormwind. I guess this got replaced with the Howling Oak in Darnassus. Which is nice i guess. Dogs like trees right ? Nevertheless, i'm sad it was abandoned.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

WoW Insider's Guide to Cataclysm

Another great resource on the Netherwebs for all your WoW-related news is, ofcourse, WoW Insider.
Their Cataclysm guide, is absolutely essential for every player that wants to get an edge in the coming expansion.

Keep an eye on this one, it's sure to be updated once Cataclysm launches, on december 7th.

And so it begins... TB's and Optec's Warlock Guide for Cataclysm !

And so it begins... TB's and Optec's Warlock Guide for Cataclysm !

I bet a lot of you are very familiar with TotalBisquit's work. As you should ! I'm a very big fan of both his Podcast "Blue Plz" and his youtube channel.
Anywho, a few days ago i stumbled upon this here lil' nugget of Warlockian-gold. This video is a collaboration between TotalBisquit and Optec, and it's delicious. A great, well-voiced overview of the 3 specs and all of the new spells alt level 85.
Click here to check out Optecs Youtube channel.

Watch the guide after the jump !

Podcast time !

Who doesn't like a good roundtable discussion ? Especially if it's about Warlocks ! The good people over at the Raid Warning are having a special 'lock-themed episode on December 7th and you dont want to miss it ! Check out the info below !


Lock and Awe: A Warcraft Warlock Roundtable Event

December 7th, the Raid Warning crew will be joined by some of the biggest names in the Warlock Community. They will be answering your questions, comments, phonecalls, and emails while kicking back and having a few laughs.

Want to get involved?

Submit your questions for Lock and Awe via email (, comment below, or call The Raid Warning Rant Line at 707-602-RANT (7268)
The brave souls appearing on this edition of Lock and Awe:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Patch 4.0.3

Good afternoon! I'm writing you this as the Blizzard downloader finishes up the last couple of mb on my client.
Now, just so we're all on the same page :

this is NOT the patch that shatters Azeroth 

that will happen in 4.0.3.a which we should see dropping in the not so distant future ( my guess is next week )

So, now that that's out of our way, Patch 4.0.3 isn't all that exciting but here are the notes nonetheless.

Enjoy !

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elemental Invasion: Update : Phase 4 live !

UPDATE: Added a couple of screenshotes.
UPDATE: A few clarifications :
  • The invasion will happen every 2 - 3 hours.
  • You will be given sandbags or barricades to be placed at a strategic point in the city.
  • Before you start batteling the Elementals make sure u get a totem from one of the Earthen Ring Defenders. These are used to free trapped citizens / players.
  • You have to close all the rifts and save all the citizens within an hour to succesfully defend against the invasion.

Sweet Felpuppies, things are going fast ! I had just finished writing up on phase 3 last night, when MMO-Champion announced the 4th phase going live already !
Blizzard sure is ramping things up. I'll just have to see how i can keep up with the current stream of news. In the coming weeks before the Cataclysm i will probably be writing less myself, instead i'll be pointing you to interesting posts around the Netherwebs, about what's to come.

But first : The Elemental Invasion continues !

Friday, November 12, 2010

Update: Even more new rags !

Funny..  Right after i put up the post about the tier 11 models i went over to WoWinsider and noticed they had put up an article about what can easily be the best leveling change in the whole of Cataclysm. At least for those who care about their character's looks.

WoWinsider presents: The disappearance of Leveling Clown suits !


New rags and old apologies

My sincerest apologies.
I was supposed to have written this last night, however, last night was also the first time (in a long, long time) that i was leading a Guild raid and it left me kind of burned out, so i postponed writing this until today.

If you're wondering: The raid went pretty good, for most of the people there it was their first guildraid with us. We whiped a couple of times on Rotface. And then, somehow, one shotted the professor ! That was pretty cool and unexpected, we ended up calling it at around 11 pm on Dreamwalker.

Anyway, let's get on with it, and have a look at the new rags !

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just a quick update

Hi guys.

Just got time for a quick post so i thought i would let you all know what i am currently working on. First of all the Blog's new look is just about done and i'm pretty happy the way it turned out.
However, if there's someone out there who could clarify how i could make the background of my banner transparent, that would be great ! I am still somewhat of a newbie at this whole blogging thing to be honest ^_^

Second, i know that my posts have been somewhat random, most of them covering the news. Im still trying to come up with a bunch of regularly returning segments that i can do alongside my news posts.
I hope you guys find my writing a bit enjoyable, i sure try to make it that way.

Later today i will post my thougts on the official tier 11 armor that just went live on the beta servers.

So stay tuned !

p.s.:  And as always, if someone who reads has any questions, comments or suggestions. You can leave always leave a comment or send me an e-mail :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Elemental Invasion : Update

The second phase of the elemental invasion has begun. Blizzard has posted the following:

After the appearance of Twilight's Hammer agents in Orgrimmar and Stormwind City, Azeroth's defenders swiftly thwarted the cult's bid to destroy the two capitals. Yet these victories have done little to soothe fears over Azeroth's calamitous state. Earthquakes continue shaking the world with greater frequency than ever before. Wayward fire spirits have engulfed Orgrimmar, threatening to reduce the proud Horde capital to ash. Across the Great Sea, a sudden influx of earth spirits has rocked the foundations of Ironforge, pushing the once-indomitable dwarven bastion to the brink of collapse.

Even so, a glimmer of hope has come in the form of ancient tablets recovered in Northrend. These mysterious artifacts are believed to hold clues concerning Azeroth's tormented elementals -- a claim that can only be validated once the artifacts are delivered safely from the northern continent. The gifted shaman Thrall has also begun his own efforts to shed light on the disasters befalling the world. Of great concern, however, is whether anything will be left of Orgrimmar and Ironforge by the time answers are found....

Cataclysm introduces more shiny things

Greetings, fellow shiny-lovers. This is actually the second time that i am writing this blogpost, i had just finished it and when i tried to post it Blogger kind of freaked out on me and i lost it (both the post and my temper).
So here i am again, hopefully this time around it'll work out.

New Enchant Effects

I must admit it, i am a sucker for the 'shiny' look that Blizzard has made its own in the World of Warcraft. Ever since that first time back in Westfall where i spent 50 silver ( a week's worth of farming for me at that time !) on that beastslayer enchant for my staff, i was hooked. To me that red glow was the coolest thing in the world and i didn't even consider that it had a purpose apart from looking totally bad-ass.

From the grotesquely huge pauldrons shooting out beams of light, to the enchants that make your weapons simply ooze awesomeness, i want it all !

However, these enchants have been around for some time and simply making your weapon glow is só 2007. The masses demanded new shines, and new shinies is what they got.

Introducing the new Cataclysm Enchant Effects (thanks, MMO-Champion ^_^)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Soul Shards for Dummies

Patch 4.0.1 which launched a little less then a month ago, brought a whole lot of changes to the way most classes work. As we were promised on Blizzcon 09', the talent trees became more streamlined and whether or not you are happy with these changes, if you want to continue playing your class you better get used to them.

Personally, I'm very happy with (almost all) the changes that have been made to the Warlock class. I was super-exited when a few of them were announced back at Blizzcon 09' and i munched up any kind of information that Blizzard released on them ever since.
Now i know not everyone thinks they need to be up to date on any little piece of information that is released about their class, but i get great joy out of religiously checking MMO-champion and WoWinsider multiple times a day to see if anything has been datamined, or possibly leaked.
However, i did think that everyone at least took a look at their class' section of the patch notes, especially if it's a major game-changing patch like this one.
Apparently i was wrong.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Data mined goodness

The good folks over at MMO-Champion have been data mining the Cataclysm beta like crazy ever since it first became available. Now, just a bit more then a month before the release of the expansion, they have put up a  hefty (yet, incomplete) list of  the first tier of epic level pve items.

The list doesn't only consist of bossdrops but also includes items created with archeology, the new secondary profession, very interesting indeed. However, i hope Blizzard keeps true to what they said back at Blizzcon 09' and doesn't give archeology to much love when it comes to crafting gear, compared to other, primary, crafting professions.

Now, I know why you are still reading this: I promised you shiny warlock loots, so without further delay here are some of the first tier epic level pve caster weapons (wow, that's a mouth full !) from the Cataclysm beta

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Elemental Invasion has begun !

Things are starting to get interesting again...

As we enter the final month of the 'Wrath of the Lich King' expansion the events concerning the return of Deathwing the Destroyer begin to unfold.

Elementals are spawning in zones all over Azeroth. Killing one of each (Fire, Water, Earth and Wind) will grant you a feat of strenght and defeating the portal that spawns the Elementals grants you a 'Mysterious device' which gives you a daily quest

For those of you that haven't been in Azeroth lately, I'll give you a quick recap on what's going on:
  • The Gnomes and Trolls have retaken their native homes ( or in the Gnomes' case, the surface at least)
  • Violent earthquakes have been felt  around Azeroth , their frequency and strength are increasing dramatically as time passes
  • the Racial leaders are gathering in their Faction's capital city to discuss the ongoing events
  • The Earthen Ring is gathering in Stormwind and Oggrimar, they feel the unease of the elements and are looking for answers.
These are all part of the pre-cataclysm release events, created to further the story as the game transitions from one expansion to another.

If you want a detailed report of the new quests, keep on reading !