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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Data mined goodness

The good folks over at MMO-Champion have been data mining the Cataclysm beta like crazy ever since it first became available. Now, just a bit more then a month before the release of the expansion, they have put up a  hefty (yet, incomplete) list of  the first tier of epic level pve items.

The list doesn't only consist of bossdrops but also includes items created with archeology, the new secondary profession, very interesting indeed. However, i hope Blizzard keeps true to what they said back at Blizzcon 09' and doesn't give archeology to much love when it comes to crafting gear, compared to other, primary, crafting professions.

Now, I know why you are still reading this: I promised you shiny warlock loots, so without further delay here are some of the first tier epic level pve caster weapons (wow, that's a mouth full !) from the Cataclysm beta
For the complete list of items that were data mined, check out the post at MMO-Champion.


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