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Friday, November 12, 2010

New rags and old apologies

My sincerest apologies.
I was supposed to have written this last night, however, last night was also the first time (in a long, long time) that i was leading a Guild raid and it left me kind of burned out, so i postponed writing this until today.

If you're wondering: The raid went pretty good, for most of the people there it was their first guildraid with us. We whiped a couple of times on Rotface. And then, somehow, one shotted the professor ! That was pretty cool and unexpected, we ended up calling it at around 11 pm on Dreamwalker.

Anyway, let's get on with it, and have a look at the new rags !

MMO-Champion reported that the Tier 11 armor sets are now live on the Cataclysm Beta. This means that we can be pretty sure that these models are done and ready to be implemented once Cataclysm starts.
These armor sets will be obtainable trough Valor Points and Tokens. They are associated with the first tier of Cataclysm raiding, namely the raids 'Bastion of Twilight' and 'Blackwing Descent'.

Click the image for a full HD view of the new armor sets.

source: MMO-Champion

Now, lets take an in depth look at armor set for our favorite class: The Warlock:

Normal                                                       Heroic  
 So, what can i say about our new Tier set. Well its not bad but to be completely honest, it isn't all that great either. In my opinion Blizzard has yet to create an armor set that fits the class' concept better then the pure awesomeness that is the Corruptor Raiment.
Apart from that (and the fact the heroic version doesn't have color matching boots), the set is far from ugly, it has some very nice little tidbits (like the crooked horns) and i like the colour scheme they've used for both versions very much.

I would rate it 7 roasted Belf paladins out of 10

Now, I don't think any of us could have missed the Mage's armor set.

Normal                                                            Heroic

To be honest, that looks pretty nice for a change, too nice for mages in my opinion.
That's why i suggested to Blizzard that they gave Mages something that fit 'persona'better, and we, the ever helpful Warlocks, would be glad to put their set to good use!

I have yet to hear back from them though..

Some quick comments on the other classes:
  • Death Knight: In one word : Awesome. It actually looks scary, and that fits the class perfectly in my opinion.
  • Druid: Eh, well it sure is special. A very unusual helmet, not necissarily ugly, but very strange looking. And those shoulders are HUGE even compared to WoW standards.
  •  Hunter: You'll be wearing a Murloc skull as a hat.. How can you possibly stand the stench ? It looks like you have scavenged most of your armor of the seafloor, well, i guess that these are troubled times for everyone in Azeroth and we all have to make do with what we can find *supresses a grin*
  • Paladin: Is it just me, or does that armor set make Paladins look fat ?
  • Priest: This one is rather weird aswell. I'm thinking there must be some kind of animation to it, otherwise it doesn't really look like much. I'll have to wait to see this one in game.
  •  Rogue: Mummified much ? 
  • Shaman: See, that would have made an awesome druid-set. Can u imagine a Worgen running wild towards you in that armor? It would be an instant classic. I really like the set, its just too bad that there isn't really anything Shamanistic about it.
  • Warrior: Another awesome looking set, i think they got a good response to the crystal giant type mobs, like Ormorok, and decided to give Warriors an armor set that resembled that. Togheter with the element of Earth playing a vital role in this expansion makes this set looks really fitting

So, Those were my thoughts on the new tier 11 looks. What do you guys think ?


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