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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Prepare for Oblivion !

MMO-Champion's confirmed it, other Blogs are buzzing like beehives on the subject. The chances that the Shattering will happen, today on US-realms and tomorrow on the EU-realms, are looking pretty good.

This is it fellow Warlock brethren ! Our hour is nigh ! As soon as the Aspect of Death wreaks havoc upon this world new content will begin gushing out, like tears out of a mage's eyes after a major nerf. I honestely can not wait.

I can't remember myself being this excited over any other patch, hell, i wasn't even this excited over the Wrath-launch! Then again, that was just another expansion with another new continent, this patch on the other hand will completely change what we know and love. Even tough it's only the 1-60 experience that's changing with this patch, this will give those of us who weren't in the beta ( which is officially closed now, by the way) a good impression of what to expect from the 80-85 content.

I live in Europe, so i'll have to wait an extra day before the Shattering takes place on our servers. But it's here ! Finally ! I promised myself i would wait for Cataclysm to roll out before i started leveling a new alt, so i could dive straight into the awesomeness that is the new Worgen content... But i'll probably be naming my Dwarf Shaman tommorrow around this time, regardless of that promise.

For those of you who haven't checked out this patch's new features, go over to MMO-Champion or Kungalkoosh. They both have a nice in-depth rundown of what to expect once you log in to a Shattered Azeroth.


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