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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Blog Azeroth : Shared Topic : The Perfect Weapon

Blog Azeroth is a huge collection of WoW Blog Authors, their forums are a delight to read for every newbie blogger like myself. Each weak they feature a new shared topic on which bloggers can post their ideas. The best posts are selected and featured on the weekly Twisted Nether Blogcast. This will be my first try at a shared topic, let's have a look at this week's topic.

What would be the perfect weapon for your character(s) and why? Is it something already in game? Is there lore or a roleplay reason that you'd use this weapon? Would you wish for a completely new item to be implemented in the game just for you? What would it look like? Would it have special abilities? Is there a story behind how you got it? Does it have a fancy name like Frostmourne?

Great topic, i love legendaries -- and this is kind of "design your own legendary". Now, i won't go into stats, those are just meaningless numbers on an imaginary item, so i won't bother with them. Anywho, as you all probably now, my main character (Toendra) is a Warlock. I have always had a Warlock as my main, i've had plenty of alts, but never did i feel as enticed by a class as i am by my Warlock. In my opinion it's about time we get a Warlock specific legendary, but i'll leave that up to the dev's. So for this post i'll give you my Toendra specific Legendary.

Now, just killing a random mob and getting a lucky nrg-proq is not how i want to receive my Artifact of Immense Awesomeness. I would imagine it going a little something like this.

I would imagine my character being summoned to The Slaughtered Lamb by Gakin the Darkbinder and being rewarded for the countless dangers he has faced in Outland and Northrend for the good of Stormwind and the Alliance (and thus, indirectly, for the good of Gakin). He would be given an ancient Warlock artifact, kept in secret in the basements of the Slaughtered Lamb, even from King Wrynn.

Using the corpse of a Dreadlord, a particularly powerful Warlock forged a Scythe that not only granted a vast amount of power, but the wielder of this Scythe would be able to channel Fel energies without being corrupted by it's influence.

Imagine that, eh ? The power of a Warlock, in a sane mind. I bet mages everywhere would be crapping their pants if this ever got implemented!

Now, for the looks. I really like the look of the Frostscythe of Lord Ahune however, it would need a slight recoloring for its new purpose, add some felfire-green in there and we're good to go!
And a name offcourse ! Can't be a legendary without an awesome name. How about [The Fel Reaper]?

Well, that was my first contribution to Blog Azeroth's Shared Topic. Hope you enjoyed it and i'm looking next week's!


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