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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Elemental Invasion: Update : Phase 4 live !

UPDATE: Added a couple of screenshotes.
UPDATE: A few clarifications :
  • The invasion will happen every 2 - 3 hours.
  • You will be given sandbags or barricades to be placed at a strategic point in the city.
  • Before you start batteling the Elementals make sure u get a totem from one of the Earthen Ring Defenders. These are used to free trapped citizens / players.
  • You have to close all the rifts and save all the citizens within an hour to succesfully defend against the invasion.

Sweet Felpuppies, things are going fast ! I had just finished writing up on phase 3 last night, when MMO-Champion announced the 4th phase going live already !
Blizzard sure is ramping things up. I'll just have to see how i can keep up with the current stream of news. In the coming weeks before the Cataclysm i will probably be writing less myself, instead i'll be pointing you to interesting posts around the Netherwebs, about what's to come.

But first : The Elemental Invasion continues !

I will give you a quick recap of Phase 3, no point in posting the while thing now that Phase 4 is live, but it could still be useful to some of you who haven't done the quests yet.

Phase 3 Recap
5 new quests were introduced with Phase 3. 4 of them concerning the Cultist activity and 1 of them sent you off to Outland to talk to Gavan Greyfeather, the new leader of the Dwarven Shaman.

Cultist Quests: Stormwind on Lockdown !


    Of to Outland :

      Phase 4: We're under attack !

      Elementals are attacking the cities ! During an Elemental attack:
      1. Whatever you do, stay calm
      2. Make sure you're not standing in fire
      3. If you're playing a low level character, i suggest you take one of the portals out of the city, else you will probably get killed.. several times
      4. Deploy sandbags to help bolster the city's defenses.
      It's also very easy to get the tripping the rifts achievement now, as the Elementals are attacking the cities, you don't have to run halfway over the continent to hunt that last pesky Water Elemental down.

      Two cities are under attack, each by two different types of Elementals:
      • Stormwind is under attack of Wind and Water Elementals
      • Ironforge is under attack of Earth and Fire Elementals
      After you've succesfully defended your city you will be able to queu up using the LFD to fight against 4 mini bosses in 4 different instances. The minibosses are:
      These bosses will only be available after you've succesfully defend your city from an Elemental attack. 

      Twilight Bosses Loot

      Level Type Spec Slot Name
      251ShieldMeleeOff HandBarrier of the Earth Princess
      251PlateHealWaistGirdle of Oblation
      251PlateMeleeChestTectonic Plate
      251PlateMeleeChestSalamander Skin
      251PlateMeleeWristTwilight Offering Bands
      251MailPhysical DPSLegsSacrificial Mail
      251LeatherHealFeetFlamewaker's Treads
      251LeatherPhysical DPSChestPulmonary Casing
      251ClothHealChestEarth Bride's Gown
      251ClothPhysical DPSBackCloak of Mocking Winds
      251ClothSpell DPSBackZaetar's Deathshroud
      251ClothSpell DPSFeetSandfury Sandals
      251FingerMeleeFingerOld Gods' Blessing
      251FingerPhysical DPSFingerSulfuron's Favor
      251FingerSpell DPSFingerRing of the Three-Headed Beast
      251NeckHealNeckPendant of Burning Spirits
      251NeckMeleeNeckFlamelash Amulet
      251NeckPhysical DPSNeckAmulet of the Centauri
      251NeckSpell DPSNeckAmulet of Evil Winds

      Have fun defending your cities from the Elemental Onslaught !


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